The Design Review Committee is tasked with reviewing the suitability of exterior projects of all homes in the neighborhood, whether you do or do not pay dues.

Recent/Upcoming Reviewed Projects

Expected Project PeriodAddressProject Type

Summer 20204212 S Vrain
New Roof
Summer 2020
4126 S Wolff 
Fencing/ Gazebo
Summer 20204213 S Zenobia
Summer 2020
4100 S Yates Way
Replace fencing
Summer 2020
4663 W Oberlin Pl
Summer 2020
4152 S Zenobia
Roof and gutters
Summer 2020
4662 W Oberlin
Solar Panels
Summer 2020
4130 S Yates Way
Siding and gutter
June 20204663 W Oberlin PlFence. Landscaping
Summer 20204605 W Princeton AveShed
May 20204663 W Oberlin Pl
May 20204212 S Zenobia StPaint/Stain, Shed
Spring 20204139 S Xavier WaySolar

The Pinehurst Homeowners Association Covenants require that the homeowner obtain approval from the Design Review Committee (DRC) before making any additions or alterations to the outside appearance of their home or property.  This includes but is not limited to home additions, new or replacement patios, decks, concrete flatwork, pavestone driveways/sidewalks/patios, patio/deck roofs, detached structures, garage/shop additions, roofs, fences, playhouse (over 6 feet tall) and/or repainting the residence. 

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